The Complete Guide to Buying a Hair Trimmer

During the coronavirus lockdown, many have found relief from the stress of dressing up for the world outside. However, this time also presents an excellent opportunity to take care of yourself and your appearance for your own sense of well-being and that of your partner. Whether you’re growing out your beard or hair, regular trimming is essential to avoid a wild and unkempt look. Instead of using scissors, which can be risky and lead to nicks and cuts, investing in a reliable beard trimmer is the best way to achieve a well-groomed appearance.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a trimmer:

  1. Styling Needs: Determine your styling requirements and choose a trimmer with appropriate length attachments or combs. If you only need basic trimming without much styling, a simple trimmer with no attachments may suffice. However, if you prefer specific hair and beard l lengths and desire consistent results, opt for a trimmer with combs for precision.

  1. Multi-Functional Use: Consider whether you want the trimmer for more than just your hair and beard. Many trimmers come with various attachments suitable for grooming body hair, nose hair, armpits, chest, legs, and even ‘manscaping.’ Some models also have shaving Attachments for a clean result when trimming body hair.

  1. Wet or Dry Use: Decide if you prefer trimming in the shower or when dry. Not all trimmers are waterproof or water-resistant, so if wet use is a possibility, choose a trimmer designed for wet styling.

  1. Cordless or Wired: Choose between a cordless trimmer, which runs on rechargeable or replaceable batteries, and a wired one that requires a power source. Cordless trimmers offer more convenience, especially for frequent travelers, but require regular charging.

  1. Budget: Set a budget based on your needs and preferences. Basic beard trimmers with a couple of combs are suitable for those who primarily shave, while full-body groomers may require a higher investment with different attachments.

Brands to consider when purchasing a trimmer for men:

  1. Philips QT400 Series: This popular beard trimmer comes with multiple length settings, offering both cordless variants with ten or 20 length settings and fast charging.
  2. Nova NHT Series: An affordable option, this cordless beard trimmer has nine length settings and a 45-minute run time, perfect for basic beard grooming.
  3. Philips Cordless Grooming Kit: For those seeking a trimmer for body hair as well, this kit includes a trimmer and a body groomer, offering more versatility.

Take advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to experiment with new hair and beard styles. A reliable trimmer will prove to be a valuable tool in achieving your desired looks. Even if you’re not satisfied with the results, remember that it will all grow back soon. Embrace the opportunity to take care of yourself and boost your sense of well-being through grooming.