Portable Face & Hair Steamer Mini Facial Hot Steamer Sprayer Spa Salon Ozone Steamer Pro Personal Beauty Table TOP



This is our 2 in 1 hair & facial home use facial steamer, which is designed for personal care use at home (two accessories will allow you to rotate between professional facials and top of the line hair treatments. Both accessories are easy to attach.). Its sprayer has the function of generating O3 (Ozone), So as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. O3 can treat the scalp, which could help prevent dandruff and condition the skin; Also it can sterilize and whiten your skin, improve blood circulation and metabolism. This product is easy and convenient to use. You may substitute the spraying pole to change it from a hair streamer to a facial beauty steamer. If you need it, don’t hesitant to buy it!


Brand new and high quality.

2 in 1 application: Hair Steamer (treating brittle & damaged hair) and Facial Steamer (treating pores & dry skin).

Provide valuable nutrients to unhealthy hair.

Treat brittle & damaged hair.

Ideal for treating pores & dry skin.

Reduces blemishes, acne, & more.

Table top design for personal care at home or salon.

UV ozone function to increase the vapor quantity.

Clean water usage, no need to put any chemicals or additives.

Auto shut-off function for safety when the water level mark is too low.

Easy and convenient to use.

Sprayer has the function of generating O3 (Ozone).

Rotatable spray tube for a comfortable angle.

Mini size, easy to carry.


  1. Please read instruction before initial operation and keep it for further reference.
  2. Please add tap water. If you prefer clearwater, please add some salt. Otherwise, it will keep beeping and won’t work.
  3. Please check the water cup before use. If it doesn’t buckle tightly, vapour will leak out, even causing a short circuit.
  4. Please connect the hair cover tightly in accordance with normal steps. Otherwise, vapour may leak out.


Material: Gum

Electrical Input: 110V/60HZ

Power: 400W

Plug: US Plug

Main Item Weight: 1688g / 59.55oz

Main Item Size(uninstalled): 34 * 31.5 * 18cm / 13.39 * 12.40 * 7.09in

package Weight: 2288g / 80.7oz

Package Size: 35 * 23.5 * 35cm / 13.78 * 9.25 * 13.78in (L*W*H)

Package Content:

1 * Hair & Facial Steamer

1 * English User Manual

1 week warantty only !