Super Quick Dry 丨Super Light Weight

The HD01 hair dryer’s actual power is around 2300W(1600W-1800W print on the dryer), cause the Chinese Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Regulation the manufacturer mark a lower date on the item. You can directly feel the.

Brand new and high quality.

The hair dryer is used to dry, shape, blow straight, smooth and increase fluffy, elastic waves and curl for all lengths and types of hair.

The working principle of the hair dryer is to remove moisture and heat the hair, so the salt bond and hydrogen bond will be re-linked into a new form.

The hair dryer is best used when the hair is washed with shampoo, because the surfactant in the shampoo reduces static electricity.

Stylists can use a specific modeling comb, usually round comb, and even fingers to make waves or straight hair.

Match the mouth can quickly dry hair, concentrated airflow.

It’s can enhance the natural elasticity of hair, dry natural curls.

Spreads hair evenly for uniform drying.

3 different temperature settings and 2 flexible speed settings.

Granted the sound more quiet than a regular hair dryer.

Hanging loop easy storage hook for convenient storage.

High performance, affordable price, lightweight yet robust.

It helps to reduce radiation risk too.

Power: 1600W

Voltage: 220V

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