St Sensation Scalp Protective Gel Essence Colour Protecter Rebornding Protecter Jaga Kulit Kepala Cream 20ml


Description :

This product can be used with dyeing and bleaching products, saturated fat contained in the product can effectively protect scalp from the irritation and damage caused by the color cream or dyeing lotion.

Using this product before permanent and hair coloring can help the dry and allergic scalp to prevent and get rid of the pain and sense of burning.Massage to relax your shoulders and back.Comb your hair to stimulate blood circulation of scalp.Apply the Cuticle Layer Treatment Essence on scalp,and wrap your hair with a towel for insulation.Apply the neck and shoulder massage cream to release pressure of neck,and massage with fingers.Lie on the rinse chair for shampoo.Wash your hair with the balanced shampoo and massage with fingers to attain the goals of relaxation and refreshment.Apply the keratin conditioner to supplement hair with nutrients instantly and make your hair smooth and supple.Start hair styling by a hair dresser.