Sunfeor BC Essence Hair Serum Hair Essential Oil / Minyak Serum Rambut Original 80ml


– Ion-protect formula

– Nutrition hair repair serum

– Lasting protection and increased resistance to damage

Sunfeor Hair Repair Serum is a non-alcohol base hair application act as a protective layer, prevent hair from further damaged from sunshine, swimming, perming and harsh climatic condition, maintain your hair to its natural looks.

This highly concentrated serum ensures lasting protection and gives the hair shaft increased resistance to damage.

The direction of use:

Be use sparingly on dry or moist hair before styling or after shampooing without rinsing out

Dispense a drop of the fluid between your fingertip then massage into the hair and gently

Repeat the above action until it covers all hair ends before styling.


Purple Daisy, Blue Mint, White Jasmine, Yellow Sunflower

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