VIZIO Ceramic Hair Straightener Iron Pelurus Rambut (red colour)


Ceramic protects hair from heat excessive, by distributing heat evenly.
Heating: This board heats from 120°C to 200°C. It can increase/decrease its temperature from 20°C to 20°C (BY THE BUTTON).
Bivolt: Allows your product to work on both 127V and 220V outlets.
Ideal temperatures for each hair type:
120°C: for damaged or chemically treated hair;
140ºC: for delicate, fine or colored hair;
160°C: for fine hair;
180°C: for normal hair;
200°C; for thick or wavy hair;
Instructions for use
Using your board in a straightening way:
1. To begin, turn on your device by pressing the on/off button;
2. Select the ideal temperature for your hair using the ^/v option to adjust;
3. Once the lights stop flashing, your product is ready to use;
4. Separate a strand up to 2 centimeters thick and place the strand between the ceramic plates, smoothing down to the ends of the hair. Repeat the process on the entire hair until it is completely smooth;
5. After use, turn off the device by pressing the on/off button again. Place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface until the device is at room temperature;