Valian One Step Rebornding For All Types Of Hair 900ml


Valian One Step Rebornding Cream has strong penetrative power and is highly effective for use on normal, damaged or stubborn hair. The sesulting straightened hair not only maintains its shape for a long time, but also remains silky smooth and shinny.

Usage :

Wash hair and blow dry until approximately 80% day. Apply the hair straightening cream onto hair, distribute evenly, apply the cream section by section at about 1 cm from the scalp, check for hair softness after 20 minutes. Healthy and stubborn hair generally requires

an additional 5 minutes before the cream can be washed off. Rinse thoroughly. Blow dry until approximately 80% dry then straighten the hair section by section using a digital hair iron (Temperature between 160 C to 180 C.

✔️ Cepat dan memang jadi, efektif !!

✔️ Rambut lurus & cantik!

✔️ Kekal 6 bulan – 1 tahun!

✔️ 1 step sahaja. Senang Saja

❌ No frizzy hair

❌ Rambut tak kembang dan kerinting

1 ) Directions of use:

1. Make sure hair is dry and clean (Wash your hair)

2. Split hair into four sections.

3. Apply cream to your hair and wait about 20-25 mins

4. Then check whether your hair still have elastic(spring) or not. If your hair has no more elastic,wash off the cream with water only. No shampoo needed.

5. After that, dry your hair.

6. Use a straightener to straighten your hair. (Temperature at 180-200 degree)

7. Done ✅

** APPLY cream to hair only 1 inch from scalp, ** DO NOT apply to scalp **

1 ) Cara pengunaan:

A. Rambut di keadaan Kering selepas cuci

B. Bahagikan rambut ke 4 seksyen

C. Sapu krim ubat Rebonding pada seksyen rambut.

D. Memastikan rambut anda diletakkan lurus.

E. Terus menyikat rambut sehingga anda berpuas hati dengan hair style anda.

F. Biarkan selama 25 minit. Semak rambut tiada lagi macam elastik ( Spring) . Kalau ada sikat dan tambah krim.

G. Setelah rambut tiada macam elastik , boleh Cuci rambut dengan air bersih. ( Tak payah guna Shampoo)

H. Keringkan rambut dan Sila guna Pelurus rambut ( hair straightener )

** Sapu krim ke rambut sahaja 1 inci dr kulit ** JANGAN SAPU kat kulit rambut ***

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