Valian Smooth Ionic Rebornding Cream 47R And 43N + 43B 900ml


Cream 1000ml

A (straightener) – 47R (For Resistant Hair) , 43N (For Normal Hair)

B (neutralizing) – 43B (For All Types Of Hair)

To make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair’s health

Which are permanent solutions that are used with a hot hair iron to make your hair smooth, shinny,straight

Directions of use:

1. Make sure hair is dry and clean (Wash your hair)

2. Split hair into four sections.

3. Apply cream A to your hair and wait about 20-25 mins

4. Then check whether your hair still have elastic(spring) or not. If your hair has no more elastic,wash off the cream with water only. No shampoo needed.

5. After that, dry your hair.

6. Use a straightener to straighten your hair. (Temperature at 180 degree) Do not bend your hair while progress.

7. Wait for 20 minutes to cool down your hair.

8. Then apply cream B onto your hair with the same steps as cream A.

9. Wait for 20 minutes.

10. Wash off with treatment/conditioner (Not included in the package). Do not use shampoo to wash off.

11. Done ✅


2)头发干了后用染发梳/梳子把A号膏均匀的抹在头发上,梳顺和梳直头发 然后等大概20-25分钟。不要让头发弯曲 避免头发成型有痕迹。







9)等20分钟左右 就用treatment/conditioner 清洗,不要用shampoo因为会造成头发有点干



1. Shampoo rambut sebelum guna

2. Membelah rambut ke 4 sections

3. Apply cream A

4. Sikat cream tu ke rambut sama rata dan dgn lurus

5. Tunggu 25-30 min dan check kan rambut ada spring tak. Selepas rambut xda elasticity, Bilas rambut dgn air saja, x shampoo/ conditioner

6. Keringkan rambut, guna hair dryer

7. Guna flat iron luruskan rambut (180suhu)

8. Selepas straighten iron, Tunggu 20 minit hingga rambut x panas

9. Apply cream B Sama cara dgn cream A. Apply cream sama rata ke rambut

10. Tunggu 20 minit

11. Bilas dgn Treatment/conditioner (Not included in the package)

12. Done ✅